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    Latest fixes and changes to the game client.

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    This collection of documents will help any agent learn the ins and outs of the CLV2 Virtual Access Terminal. The help module can be accessed by pressing the small (i) icon located in just about every program and module in the CLV2 virtual gateway. By clicking the small (i) icon, The help module will launch and information about the program or module you clicked from will be displayed. The information located within the Codelink Help module can also be viewed from the website. Information from this manual can be copied and pasted in game, as well as downloaded from codelinkv2.com. Extra Special thanks goes out to overkill13 for his incredible contribution to this online in-game manual.

    overkill13 would like to thank Ireland and FoxDieVirus for their program descriptions and images.

    Table of Contents

    Getting Started
    (1) The Interface
    (2) First Connections
    (3) Upgrades
    (4) First Missions

    The Basics
    (1) Gateway Desktop Interface Overview
    (2) File Management Systems Module
    (3) Browser Module
    (4) GPS Connection Module
    (5) Hardware Configuration Module
    (6) Agent Profile Module
    (7) Email Client Module
    (8) Satnet Manager Module
    (9) Diagnostics Module

    System Apps
    (1) File Killer
    (2) FileCopy
    (3) File Peeker
    (4) Server Scan
    (5) Notepad
    (6) Momos Chatbox
    (7) Momos MP3 Player
    (8) Gens Video Player
    (9) Log Killer
    (10) Log Bot
    (11) Log Crawler

    Security Crackers
    (1) Password Cracker
    (2) Proxy Bypasser
    (3) Firewall Cracker
    (4) Monitor Cracker
    (5) Decoder
    (6) Encryption
    (7) Token Generator
    (8) Passcode Login

    (1) Data Editor
    (2) Bank Modifier
    (3) Bank Transfer

    (1) Hardware Guardians
    (2) Trace Delay
    (3) Batch Compiler
    (4) Anti-Virus

    Contribute to this Manual
    Currently, the contents of this help module are being developed. Players are welcomed and encouraged to submit detailed information about the workings of each module as it currently stands. If you would like to contribute, pick a program or module that needs a help page, and write a detailed explaination of all the buttons, values, and workings of the module or program. 1000 words or more is required for any submission. All approved submissions will receive in game goodies. This goes for each page that you submit and is approved.

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